Benefits Solutions For Individuals

The best care as quickly as possible, that is what many uninsured individuals are looking for when they show for individual health insurance offers.   Creative Benefits & Insurance Solutions (CBIS) has the tools to assist in meeting the needs of you and your family members

We are creative in finding ways to help you meet your budget too. From fully insured programs, to an HSA or a combination of insurance and discount cards, give us a call.

Health insurance is essential to maintain not only your physical health but also to protect your financial health.  Without proper coverage, you may expose yourself to financial risk and ruin.  Unexpected medical expenses are one of the largest reasons why people file bankruptcy.

CBIS will provide you the expertise and guidance to help you make the right decisions in selecting your health care insurance policy. No insurance jargon here – just straightforward advice from local insurance agents who take the time to understand your unique needs.

To learn more on how you can protect both your physical and financial health, please click on the below link for an instant quote from CBIS.

Instant Quote

For more information on individual Blue Cross plans please click the Get A Blue Cross Quote button.

Blue Cross Quote

For more information on individual Health Plus plans please click the Health Plus Quote button.

Health Plus Quote


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